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Contract. Interior design not only at home

By inspire

Interior, design and a space with a unique personality are not something just for our house. Now, offices, bars and restaurants, shops, entertainment, etc., also reflect their own image through the interior and enhanced it.

When we talk about this kind of interior design, which we don’t use for home, we are talking about a new concept: contract.


The key is to give personality to the space, play with design environments and send a message


In this case, when we refer to contract trend we talk about pieces that combine a vintage style with industrial and the use of cements. It can be modern and sober style with the urban style. It’s Easy.


The simplest is to know how to combine these two lines. We can play with an industrial style and complemented it with hydraulic tiles, pavement. Concrete and metallic tones that providing them with the touch of color. The combinations can be multiple (and enigmatic)!


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