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Marble. The safe bet

By inspire

It is timeless. It’s classic. It is serious, but it can become daring. It is fashionable. Do you know what material we are talking about? When we get carried away by trends, we often forget the amount of materials that exist, and all the possibilities of these. This happens with marble.


Maybe looks that marble isn’t fashionable, but the truth is that it is an important part in interior design. Marble gives a classic touch that never gets old, without regard the trend.


One of its great values is that marble combines with a lot of tonalities or materials. Do you have tried to join marble with wood? It’s spectacular!


If you know how to use marble in your decorations, you can have from a classic room to another industry. The possibilities offered marble are as endless as its timelessness. Above if we keeping in mind the progress and the variety of designs.


Marble is one of the oldest materials. Now it reappears. And not only in the bathroom or kitchen, marble has become the protagonist of all spaces and decoration: floors, walls, countertop, lamps, etc.


Learn more about our marbles collection on the website. Remember, Cifre is also classic.

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