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Wood . The organic trend of 2016

By inspire

Wood is one of the trend of 2016. We are going to told you about how the wood was taking great prominence in outdoor spaces and in swimming pools. But the uses that can be given to this material are infinite.


With an incredible ability to create natural and organic environments, the wood can adapt perfectly to any type of space, from a comfortable terrace to the main room of the home, a coffee shop, a clothing store, etc.


The wood creates harmonious environments. We can use wood in our floors to provide a rustic atmosphere. We can play with different shades and forms of the material. Wood has a great feature, and that is a unique and natural material you will not find anywhere else. The walls can also wear this amazing material.


Why not play with the materials? You can try to combine other styles with wooden furniture; such as on ceramics. Or maybe in the decorative elements, the last great touch. And it is that in addition to its organic nature, if the wood has a great feature is the ease with which to mate with other environments; from the vintage industrial.


Visit our catalog and discover for yourself its chances. Do you dare to play with wood?

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