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AVAF launches a supportive calendar to broadcast the fostering with Cifre Group collaboration

By inspire

More than 25 years supporting the fostering in the Valencian Community, helping the families and the underage youth, becoming in a place of meeting, understanding and dissemination. The Foresting Volunteers Association (AVAF, in its Spanish acronym) of Castellón launches a calendar with solidarity purposes that counts on the support of Cifre Group.

With Christmas time approaching, AVAF prepares the perfect supportive present for these dates. It is a calendar illustrated with the drawings of the children, who were part of the fostering. It is the perfect excuse to support the incredible work of AVAF and to help making its work known. Because AVAF not only makes supportive calendars. They also offer educational psychology support, legal advice, meetings and educational talks for everyone interested in fostering. AVAF is there to support and educate both the volunteer families, the underage child and the biological parents. That is the reason why Cifre Group do their bit in this initiative, financing part of the supportive calendar that AVAF sells.

The gratefulness of the arduous work that the AVAF members make with the volunteer families that want to foster a child and those who already did it, getting that these children grow up in a harmonious place.

Unos de los dibujos que ilustran el calendario 2017 de AVAF Castellón.

Unos de los dibujos que ilustran el calendario 2017 de AVAF Castellón.

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