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Wood, large format and versality are the protagonists in Cifre’s IV Bi&Be

On February 20, architecture, interior design and design came together in the expanded and renovated space Cifre Group in Onda (Castellón). The reason? The fourth edition of the International Exhibition of Ceramic Bi & Be, promoted by Cifre. An appointment that has served to establish connections with companies and customers around the world. Not forgetting also […]

Next stop: Bi&Be, IV International Ceramic Salon

Ceramics as the main protagonist and an excellent meeting point to meet and discover. Cifre Group prepares the fourth edition of Bi&Be, the International Ceramic Salon. Bi&Be will take from 16th to 24th February in our premises in Onda (Castellón) with the very last in architecture, interior and trendy design. Bi&Be is the best opportunity […]

Brick and tile, the perfect couple

People say that the past comes always back. And it’s true…Sounds and sound formats (vinyl, cassette) are coming back, also in the decoration world (who doesn’t have any vintage piece of furniture at home) and even in the clothing, those outfits from twenty years ago are looking not so weird as we thought. But the […]

Marble. The safe bet

It is timeless. It’s classic. It is serious, but it can become daring. It is fashionable. Do you know what material we are talking about? When we get carried away by trends, we often forget the amount of materials that exist, and all the possibilities of these. This happens with marble. Maybe looks that marble […]

The elegance of the industrial style

Contrasts, metallic colors, sobriety, minimalism, modernity… do you also feel an attraction for the typical industry’s architecture? Metallics, even rusty tones that dancing between black, white, grey, brown and derivatives. Industrial style manages to provide with modernism any space. In addition, in spite of having a few very marked characteristics, it is a style that […]

Cifre is urban, Cifre is vintage

It’s incredible when something seemingly simple, but it hides so many particularities. When it is possible two opposite ones end up by fitting to the perfection. It will be because say the opposite poles attract. So in Cifre we are like a Celestina and have found the perfect pair in trend. How? With the urban style particularities […]

A classical spirit

There is something terribly modern in the classic, something so indescribable that is capable of turning something into a classic that never goes out of fashion. If there’s anything for us that symbolizes the spirit of the most elegant classicism are materials like stones and marbles that for centuries have decorated the most illustrious and special […]

Cifre Natural Living

There are trends that go far beyond decoration or aesthetic and go deep into our lifestyle. There are trends that actually a declaration of principles, like the trend that aims to turn our lives into the most natural life possible. Here at Cifre Cerámica we don’t only like the trend, but we join it with collections that […]