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Cifre Group launches an exclusive website for the North American market

By inspire

It is said that just thinking about taking a big step in our lifes causes us vertigo. That is why Cifre Group, instead of thinking, has decided to give it. A step that means the consolidation of the company in the North American market and the response to a real need, to get the catalog and products of Cifre across the big pond. To this end, Cifre Group launches a new web:

The launch of the web, designed exclusively for the North American market, allows to offer a better attention and service to the American customers. A decisive step for Cifre Group to continue its strengthening in the international market.

The web allows a direct access to Cifre’s catalog, to be able to dive among all the products offered by the brand and discover its characteristics. From the most common, such as marbles, cements and woods, to the latest trend in design and interiorism, such as textiles, stones and rustics, among others. Not to mention the essence of Cifre Group, its continuous commitment to trends, design and interior design creating unique atmospheres.

Cifre web USA

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