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Cifre Group renews its web page and brings the possibilities of ceramics closer to the user

By inspire

When trends, design and quality materials get together, they create a virtually perfect connection. Here at Cifre Group we know this very well, and for this reason, season after season, the brand creates new opportunities and services to offer its audience. Always focusing on the latest trends in design, we putt he focus on the power of ceramics and the latest technologies.

Cifre Group continues to take firm steps forward, in this case focusing on the creation of a nexus of union with the public through its website and official app. The Company has used these tools to  bring the singularities of the brand and its products closer to the public. Cifre still believes in this methodology, and it does so by redesigning both its website and app with novelties that facilitate the user experience within the platform.

Cifre Create is the name of one of the mail novelties presented by Cifre Group through its website. It is a platform that shows the product to the user and allows the user to play with the collections and place them in different environments. This tool facilitates the perception of the user, who can create and experiment with the possibilities of each collection.

cifre web 3

Another new feature is the Inspiration Guide, which allows you to access all the collections in the catalog and visualize different combinations, just by adjusting filters and getting new images of inspiration. This new feature even creates the possibility of creating your own sub-catalog.

cifre web 2

he main purpose behind the novelties of its website and official app is to create a catalog which is 100% interactive and with which the user can experiment. In addition, the platforms have new improvements such as the download of images and access to the product information in a easy and accesible way.

Adapting to the needs of the market and the public itself, Cifre Group makes its online platforms a reflection of the character of the brand and its international character. Not to mention the next launch of the new Cifre Group website for the United States, which means the consolidation of the brand in the international market.

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