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Materia. The fascination with the most sophisticated cement

By inspire

There are combinations that are totally explosive. Something similar happens when a ceramic collection is able to collect the industrial aspect of the most sophisticated cement and add an incredible versatility. This is Materia, the new collection of Cifre Cerámica that fits to any type of architecture and interior design project.


Materia presents a wide variety of formats through pieces with a unique realism. The color palette on which the collection is based are the Antracite, Pearl, White and Ivory.

It is a collection that adapts and is perfect for any project, adapting also to both interior and exterior spaces. With Materia Cifre Cerámica, it recovers and emphasizes the fascination with the most authentic cements. Currents of purely industrial inspiration through materials in which defects and the passage of time are maximized.


The collection is made of the most resistant materials in the sector, making it an ideal product for the most demanding projects: exteriors, public spaces, etc. Material is completed with white paste and red paste coatings in addition to stoneware pavement, tiles adapted to their environment that respect the highest quality.


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