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Summer is coming

By inspire

The summer and the good weather are here, and it is inevitable that we want to spend most of the time enjoying the sunshine and warm evenings. So it is time to fine tuning our terraces and outdoor areas at home.


Many times, we spent more time inside our house but seems that we don’t give relevance to the outside, but these spaces also follow their own trends. We have to bet for the natural and rustic style.


It is as simple as playing with materials and different contrasts. For example, that it seems that we are in a quiet house in a village, when we really are enjoying the sun in the middle of a big city.


So the key is to bet for soft and light colors and create a relaxed atmosphere, after all it is what everyone look for in our spaces. Moreover, these characteristics give us naturalism and realism.


You can find all these trends in our showroom or our website. Summer is coming!


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