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Zenon Gel Coat. Quality and innovation in shower trays and bathroom countertops

By inspire

Zenon is much more than the smart solid surface of Cifre Group. It has become a revelation in the world of interior design. The innovation of its materials and their adaptability are the great Zenon strengths.

In Zenon we can find Gel Coat. Shower plates and worktops made with high-quality resins. Another of its great characteristics is its hardness, resistance and durability.

Zenon Gel Coat anable us to design realism pieces and finishes unbeatable.

Zenon’s Gel Coat countertops are made with an antibacterial material, have a high resistance to cold or hot water and traction.



Zenon’s Gel Coat shower trays combine in a exclusive product flexible materials with textures that can adopt to the wood, cement or stone. In Zenon’s Gel Coat shower trays we can find Cover shower trays, the perfect and invisible solution for the most special showers.




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