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Zenon is consolidated as a decorative solution with the new Zenon+ collection

By inspire

Innovate thinking about helping architects and interior designers to find new decorative solutions is one of the main goals of Zenon. It is the solid and intelligent surface of Cifre Group, which has been modernized into Zenon+, a line of products that is a result of the collaboration with the prestigious Italian architect Fabio Rotella.

With Zenon+, Rotella shows the versatility of a product like Zenon, which can adapt itself to any project. The products of this collection get the most out of the solid and intelligent surface of Cifre Group. It is thermo-formable, backlit and can be easily corrected, among other qualities.



Rotella’s project is also to get the most out of colour, one of the qualities of Zenon. Its functional and minimalist designs back the color, combined with the color white of this material to create modern and polyvalent pieces.


Illumination, lattices, flowerpots, furniture and other decorative pieces are part of the Italian architect’s collection. This new serie completes the Zenon’s offer, which also incorporates shower trays, worktops, washbasins, baths and other decorative pieces.

catalogo-zenon-cersaie-2016-24 catalogo-zenon-cersaie-2016-16

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